Alura North Coast

Alura North Coast

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North Coast

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Alura North CoastAlura North CoastAlura North CoastAlura North CoastAlura North CoastAlura North CoastAlura North CoastAlura North Coast
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    About Alura North Coast, Serac Developments 

    Alura North Coast is the latest addition to the North Coast villages, launched by Serac Real Estate Company. This project offers a unique summer life experience amidst the clear waters and golden sands, making it stand out among other North Coast villages.

    With its many advantages, Alura North Coast is a special place that attracts lovers of excellence and sophistication. Serac Real Estate Company has created a unique blend of luxury and leisure in this project, offering a serene environment that promotes relaxation and serenity.

    Alura North Coast

    About Serac Developments

    Serac is one of the leading developers in the Egyptian real estate market. It was founded in 2002  by the Egyptian businessman Tarek Soliman, one of the gold and diamond industry pioneers, in partnership with Hany Saad.

    Since its establishment, the company has launched many projects that have gained resounding success, as evidenced by its first project, City Hall Fifth Settlement. Also, it was able to obtain the trust of its customers through its credibility and commitment to delivery dates and units’ finishing which is characterized by creativity and innovation.

    Serac Real Estate Company is also seeking to establish many projects that serve the real estate market in the coming period. Hence, it accurately studies the customers’ requirements to meet all their needs.

    The previous developments of Serac Real Estate

    The location of Alura North Coast 

    Serac Development company was interested in choosing a prime location for the establishment of Alura North Coast. Thus, the project is located at kilo 134 Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road, in the most prestigious coastal location, specifically in Sidi Abdel Rahman, the most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean coast.

    Also, Alura North Coast is situated close to many important North Coast villages, including Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman, Marassi Village, Hacienda Bay, and Bianchi Ilios North Coast. In addition, It is close to the most important  roads and Northern Coast landmarks which makes it easy to reach:

    • Alura North Coast is 4 kilometers away from New Alamein City
    • It is close to El Alamein City airport and 150 kilometers west of Alexandria

    The design of Alura North Coast Sidi Abdel Rahman

    Alura Sidi Abdel Rahman was built on an area of 185 acres, ideally divided into various phases that deliver integrity to all residences. Thus, Serac Company has dedicated the largest percentage of the project’s area to nature and water bodies, which vary between green spaces, charming landscapes, and crystal lagoon. Accordingly, 30% of the resort area has been allocated to buildings and service areas.

    Alura North Coast features 520 luxurious residential units of various sizes, including luxury chalets and studios, all of which offer a charming view of the sea. The developer company has partnered with the largest and most skilled engineering firms in the fields of real estate construction and engineering designs to create the master plan for the village.

    As a result, all constructions of the project comply with international standards and specifications, reflecting luxury and sophistication in every aspect. With its commitment to quality, Alura North Coast is the perfect place for those seeking a comfortable and elegant lifestyle amidst the tranquil and beautiful surroundings of North Coast.

    Services and amenities in Alura Sidi Abdel Rahman North Coast

    Serac offers a wide range of facilities inside Alura Resort with high integration to meet the customers’ needs and provide them with comfort and luxury. Here are the details:

    • in Alura North Coast, there are various swimming pools of different sizes for all age groups
    • Beach restaurants serve delicious food and beverages at the highest level
    • Sports courts for practicing various sports, including football and tennis
    • Running and cycling tracks in Alura Serac North Coast Resort
    • A trained security and guard team around the clock in addition to surveillance cameras throughout the village
    • Electronic gates to increase security in the Alura Sidi Abdel Rahman project
    • Regular maintenance and cleaning service
    • Backup generators to prevent power outages in Alura North Coast by Serac Developments
    • Club House contains a gym and a spa that helps to relax, equipped at the highest level
    • Golf cars for easy movement through Alura village in North Coast
    • A commercial area designed in a modern style to include all international brands
    • Firefighting systems
    • Garages for cars to reduce congestion in front of the units inside Alura Serac Resort
    • A private sandy beach inside Alura El Sahel
    • Kids Area with the latest safe games for children
    • Walking and cycling tracks
    • Beach games suitable for different age groups in the village of Alura Sidi Abdelrahman
    • An integrated health center in Alura village Sidi Abdel Rahman North Coast containing the latest medical equipment
    • There is a hypermarket to meet all the needs of customers
    • Green landscaped spaces, water bodies, artificial lakes, and a lagoon give a charming view of the picturesque nature

    Experience the endless relaxation and enjoyment possibilities at Alura Sidi Abdel Rahman, where you can indulge in the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and immerse yourself in the luxurious amenities and facilities.

    Prices and areas of the available-for-sale units in Alura Sidi Abdel Rahman North Coast by Serac

    Alura North Coast has a wide variety of spaces for the chalets and studios, at competitive prices, as follows:

    For Studio + Lofts in Alura in North Cost

    • The 57-square-meter unit with 29-square-meter loft costs EGP 2,765,714 EGP
    • If you prefer a slightly larger option, the 60-square-meter studio with 22 square meters loft costs 2,962,286 EGP
    • Another choice is the 61-square-meter unit with a 22 square meters loft, which costs  2,998,286 EGP

    2 Bedrooms Units on Typical Floors for sale in Alura in North Coast

    • You can choose the 107-square-meter unit at  3,531,000 EGP
    • Alternatively, there’s the 110-square-meter chalet at 3,630,000 EGP
    • A 112-square-meter unit available for  3,808,000 EGP
    • The 116-square-meter unit for 3,861,000 EGP
    • Another choice is the 119-square-meter chalet at 3,927,000 EGP
    • If you need even more space, there’s the 124-square-meter unit available for 3,968,000 EGP
    • For those seeking a more spacious one, a 147-square-meter unit is available at 4,704,000 EGP

    Two-bedroom Units with a Garden

    • A120-square-meter unit with a 16 sqm garden at 4,136,000 EGP
    • For even more room and a larger garden, there’s the 147-sqm unit with a 61-sqm garden, available for  5,354,000 EGP

    Three-bedroom Units on Typical Floors

    • A 149-square-meter unit at 4,768,000 EGP
    • Alternatively, you can choose the 161 sqm unit available for 5,152,000 EGP
    • Another option is the 162 sqm unit at 5,346,000 EGP

    Three-bedroom Units with a Garden

    • For those who desire garden space, consider the 161 sqm unit with a 52 sqm garden at 5,706,667 EGP

    The payment systems in Alura El Sahel

    Serac Company is known for providing the best payment methods and payment systems in all its projects. Thus, The company provides Alura Stella Heights in North Coast Egypt with an attractive installment plan with the lowest down payment and the longest installment period, as follows

    • You can pay a 10% downpayment and the remaining amount in installments over 7 years without interest
    • 10% maintenance

    The units will be received in Alura Village North Coast after 4 years from the date of the contract or within two years by paying 70% of the unit’s price.

    Discover the ultimate summer destination at Alura Sidi Abdelrahman North Coast, a new phase of Stella Heights North Coast, and experience a special lifestyle like no other. Book your unit now.

    For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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    What is the location of Alura North Coast?
    Alura North Coast is located in Sidi Abdel Rahman at kilo 134 Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road.
    What is the starting price in Alura North Coast?
    The starting price in Alura North Coast is 2,765,714 EGP
    What is the number of Alura North Coast?
    What is the developer company of Alura North Coast?
    Serac Developments
    Serac Developments

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