Salt North Coast

Salt North Coast

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North Coast

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Salt North Coast
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    About Salt North Coast, Tatweer Misr

    Salt North Coast is the latest tourist resort offered by Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company in Ras El Hikma Bay. This vacation spot offers contemporary living in an integrated complex with tasteful features, making it a respectable seaside option for many investors. You can perfectly spend the best summer days there with your family and friends in the village of Salt North Coast, where the true meaning of peace, tranquility, and serenity exists.

    Salt North Coast

    ِAbout Tatweer Misr Developments

    Tatweer Misr is one of the most promising real estate development companies in the Egyptian real estate market. It was established as a major real estate investment company in 2016 by a group of investors and businessmen, including:

    • Mr. Mohamed Daoud: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tatweer Misr. He has more than 30 years of experience in engineering, construction, and business management.
    • Dr. Ahmed Shalaby: Director and CEO of Tatweer Misr and a founding member of its board of directors. He held this position in 2014, relying on his extensive experience in planning and management. He is also the co-chair of the Real Estate Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt and a board member of the International Small Business Council.
    • Engineer. Baher Ayoub: Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Projects and a member of the Board of Directors of Tatweer Misr Company. He also has extensive experience of more than 20 years in the field of architecture, interior design, and contracting consultancy. He is also an expert in the fields of planning and project management.
    • Engineer. Ashraf Arafa: Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, a leading Egyptian businessman, and Deputy General Manager of the Textiles Portfolio of Arafa Group.
    • Mr. Samir Aref: He is a member of the Board of Directors of Tatweer Misr and an expert in the fields of finance, investment, and real estate management. He is also the head of one of the most prominent investment groups in Egypt, Al-Ahram Security Group. In addition, Mr. Aref has an extensive real estate experience in Tatweer Misr,
    • Mr. Mohamed Zaytoun: He is a member of the Board of Directors of Tatweer Misr. He is also a senior businessman and the general manager of the multi-faceted engineering group, Ahmed Dawoud and Partners. He also has more than 10 years of experience in the Egyptian market

    The previous developments of Tatweer Misr Company

    Tatweer Misr company is proud of its track record profile of successful projects in the real estate market since its inception. It has also become a trusted developer due to its skills, experience, and constant desire to win the trust of its customers.

    The company always seeks to provide everything that is new and creative in order to experience a new life with a creative vision to improve the standard of living and add value to the real estate market.

    The most prominent previous projects of Tatweer Misr are as follows:

    Following up on these accomplishments, Tatweer Misr launched Salt Resort, one of its newest coastal developments, to add another success to its history in North Coast Egypt.

    The location of Salt North Coast

    The most important characteristic of Salt North Coast is the company’s choice of its ideal strategic location, which makes Salt one of the most important North Coast Resorts. On Kilo 185 of the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh road in Ras al-Hikma, which has crystal-clear seas and golden sands, the resort is situated in the most prime area on the Northern coast.

    The project has a gorgeous sea view that you can enjoy, so you can see the beautiful pristine turquoise water and blue sky. The village is also located near important locations and roads like:

    • It is not far from New Fouka Road
    • Fouka Bay North Coast is approximately 50 miles away from Salt Village
    • Alexandria Airport and Burj Al Arab Airport are both nearby Salt North Coast
    • In close proximity to D Bay North Coast and Hacienda Bay North Coast Resort
    • Along with Ramla North Coast Resort and Emaar’s coastal project
    • The hotel is close to the brand-new Alamein International Airport, as well as the World War II Memorial and El Alamein Museum
    •  It is only 5 kilometres from Kattameya Coast, La Vista Bay Resort, Caesar Island Resort, and other upscale resorts along the coast

    The design of Salt North Coast Ras El Hekma

    Salt Ras El Hekma was put into place on a 294 acres plot of land with a beach that measures 830 square meters long and 2 km deep. Green spaces, water fountains, artificial lakes, and other aesthetic features have taken up most of the project’s space. Thus, the Crystal Lagoon construction of Salt Tatweer Misr will take place on 25 acres of the project’s area. All this ensures that every unit will have beautiful views of lovely nature.

    Natural terraces ranging in height from 9 to 33 meters are the architectural concept for the Salt project. All of the project’s units now have a direct view of the sea. Accordingly, The properties at Salt Al Sahel include luxurious chalets, standalone villas, townhouses, and twin houses each with attractive designs that meet customer’s desires.

    Services and amenities in Salt Tatweer Misr North Coast Resort

    Tatweer Misr provided a wide range of services and multiple advantages within the Salt project to provide all the needs of the owners. Here are the details:

    • Vast green spaces and Crystal Lagoons throughout the village of Salt Ras El Hikma
    • A trained security and guard team works 24 hours a day to secure all parts of the village
    • Modern surveillance cameras to fully secure the village of Salt Ras El Hikma
    • Secured electronic gates
    • A private sandy beach for the village
    • Swimming pools of varying sizes for all ages
    • Outdoor area for relaxing and having a nice time with family
    • Salt Village, North Coast, includes a gym, spa, and jacuzzi equipped with the latest sports equipment for all age groups
    •  An Aqua Park that includes the latest safe water games
    • Maintenance and cleaning service for all units
    • Various sports courts for the Salt North Coast project, suitable for all interests
    • Salt North Coast Village is characterized by the presence of a pharmacy equipped with the fastest delivery service
    • There are restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious food at the highest level of quality and enjoy the best dining experience in North Coast
    • Garages to reduce congestion in front of the units
    •  The village enjoys running and cycling tracks
    • Salt Village in the North Coast features a barbecue area
    • There is a commercial area that includes a commercial mall to including the most famous international brands

    Salt North Coast areas and prices

    In order for the consumer to get what he is looking for at the resort, Tatweer Misr company offers a package of perfect waterfront units with varied areas at varying costs. Here are the details:

    B Zone:

    • Two-bedroom typical floor units start at 95 square meters and cost 3,750,000 EGP
    • Ground-floor units with 2 bedrooms start at 95 square meters and cost 4,650,000 EGP
    • 3 bedroom typical floor units start at 110 square meters and cost 4,275,000 EGP.
    • Units on the ground floor with three bedrooms start at 110 sqm for 5,100,000 EGP

    K Zone:

    • A typical floor chalet for sale, consisting of two bedrooms, with an area starting from 105 square meters, and the price starts from 5,400,000 EGP
    • Two-bedroom chalets for sale in Salt Ras El Hikma Resort, on the ground floor, on an area of 105 square meters, and the price starts from 6,300,000 EGP
    • 3-bedroom chalets in Salt Village, North Coast, with an area of 115 square meters and prices starting from 6,000,000 EGP
    • 3-bedroom units, ground floor, 115 square meters, and the price is 6,900,000 EGP

    A Zone :

    • Distinctive villa for sale in Salt, North Coast, consisting of one floor, containing 6 bedrooms, with an area of 350 square meters and the price starts from 42,000,000 EGP. Only two units are available.
    • Villa for sale in Salt Tatweer Misr of 180 square meters, consisting of 3 bedrooms, and price starts from 12,200,000 EGP


    • There are also medium townhouse units with an area of 150 square meters consisting of 3 bedrooms, and the price is 7,750,000 EGP
    • Townhouses with spaces starting from 150 sqm, consisting of 3 bedrooms, and the price starts from 8,750,000 EGP

    Twin Houses:

    • Twin house consisting of 3 bedrooms with an area of 185 square meters and a price starting from 10,900,000 EGP
    • A villa with an area of 185 sqm, consisting of 3 bedrooms, and the price is 12,600,000 EGP
    • Villas with an area of 205 sqm, consisting of 4 bedrooms, at a price of 14 million EGP

    First Row units:

    • First-row villas for sale in Salt Village North Coast with an area starting from 220 sqm, consisting of 4 bedrooms at a price starting from 24,700,000 EGP
    • There is also a villa in Salt consisting of 4 bedrooms, with an area of 290 square meters, at a price of 26,500,000 EGP

    The payment system in Salt El Sahel Ras El Hekma

    Tatweer Misr Real Estate offers various payment facilities in the village of Salt, North Coast. Thus, the company provides a flexible payment plan that suits all categories of customers, as follows:

    • You can pay a 10% downpayment and the rest of the unit price in equal installments over 8 years

    For more details or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us

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    What is the location of Salt North Coast?
    Salt is located in one of the most important North Coast spots at Kilo 185 of the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh road in Ras al-Hikma,
    What is the starting price in Salt North Coast?
    What is the number of Salt North Coast?
    What is the developer company of Salt North Coast?
    Tatweer Misr Developments
    Tatweer Misr Developments

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