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Garden City New Capital

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Garden City New CapitalGarden City New CapitalGarden City New CapitalGarden City New CapitalGarden City New Capital
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    Garden City New Capital: Where Elegance Meets Convenience

    Garden City New Capital shines as a beacon among the new capital’s projects, seamlessly blending luxury and refined lifestyles with unique architectural designs. Developed by City Edge Developments in alignment with the vision of the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) and the Ministry of Housing, Garden City stands as a symbol of excellence in the real estate realm.

    This residential masterpiece spans over 1000 acres, and half of it has been completed. This accomplishment reflects the dedicated efforts of City Edge in creating an integrated and living environment and delivering exceptional residential experiences.

    Compound Garden City

    The Location of Garden City New Capital

    Garden City’s strategic location in the R5 district of the New Administrative Capital is a key factor to its success. Carefully chosen by City Edge Developments, this location ensures maximum comfort and ease of living for its residents.

    Proximity to key roads and main axes facilitates convenient access to the compound, while the strategic location near vital services makes Garden City an ideal choice for both living and investment. The compound is thoughtfully situated near major landmarks, including the Air Defense House and Hertfordshire University, showcasing its vitality and uniqueness.

    Being near the Green River, Al Masaa Hotel, the Financial District, the Business District, and the Egyptian Stock Exchange, Garden City emerges as a vital and vibrant center. In addition, the compound is situated near the New Administrative Capital Airport, the Diplomatic District, in addition to having a spectacular direct view of the iconic tower.

    These surroundings make Garden City New Capital an ideal place for living and investment.

    The Design of Garden City New Administrative Capital

    The design of Garden City in the New Administrative Capital reflects meticulous attention to detail, aiming to provide a luxurious and unique experience for residents. The architecture seamlessly combines tranquility and beauty in a quiet and upscale atmosphere, creating a residential environment of high-end luxury.

    All residential units, including apartments and villas, are designed according to the latest global architectural concepts, with a touch of French elegance. City Edge Developments collaborated with prominent real estate design companies to ensure a high level of excellence in the design.

    The natural green surroundings of the project add a special charm to it, with enchanting green spaces and crystal-clear artificial lakes. This enhances the compound’s allure, providing residents with stunning views and an exceptional living experience.

    About City Edge Developments

    City Edge Developments stands as a leading force in Egypt’s real estate development sector, boasting a forward-thinking vision and a rich history. Established in 2018, the company has quickly become reputed by its professionalism and quality in providing integrated housing solutions in a modern style.

    City Edge Developments is a result of a collaboration between the New Urban Communities Authority and the Housing and Development Bank. Also, it is guided by a successful Board of Directors that strives to drive excellence to the urban development market in Egypt, including:

    •  Mr. Mohamed El Dahan: Chairman of City Edge Real Development and a Former Minister of Trade and Industry in Egypt
    • Mohamed Essam El-Din Ramadan: Assistant Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities
    • Eng. Ragaa Fouad Abdel Majeed: Deputy Head of the New Urban Communities Authority
    • Dr. Lobna Helal: Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt
    • Eng. Abdelmottaleb Amara: Deputy Head of the New Urban Communities Authority

    The previous developments of City Edge

    Services and amenities at Garden City R5 New Capital

    The Garden City Ciompound New Capital offers a wide range of services and facilities to ensure a comfortable living, catering to all residents’ needs. Among the services and facilities in Garden City New Capital:

    • A luxurious 5-star hotel providing residents and guests with a deluxe accommodation experience
    • Specialized hospital in the City Edge compound, offering healthcare services to residents
    • Outstanding international schools, providing children with the opportunity for high-quality education
    • Garden City New Capital features sports facilities and a clubhouse with diverse courts
    • Various medical facilities and pharmacies are available inside the Garden City New Administrative Capital of Egypt project to meet healthcare needs
    • Designated areas for children’s play, creating a safe and entertaining environment for the little ones
    • Health clubs including spa, sauna, and jacuzzi, contributing to providing a relaxing experience for residents
    • A commercial mall containing a variety of stores and international brands
    • Global restaurants and cafes to meet diverse resident needs in Garden City Fifth Residential District R The Administrative Capital
    • The project includes artificial lakes and walking tracks, adding a beautiful and unique atmosphere to the new Garden City New Capital Compound
    • 24/7 security and surveillance to ensure residents’ safety
    • The presence of a mosque and church for religious rituals.
    •  State-of-the-art surveillance cameras for safety and security in Garden City New Capital

    With these comprehensive facilities and services, Garden City New Capital becomes an ideal place for living and enjoying a luxurious life.

    Areas and prices in the City Edge New Capital Project

    The Garden City New Capital project emerges as a diverse residential venture catering to various needs in terms of spaces and designs. The diverse range of spaces offers options for both apartments and villas, allowing clients to choose units that suit their needs and family size.

    Key features of selecting the appropriate space include meeting family needs in terms of the number of individuals and daily life requirements. The diversity in prices and payment facilitations serves as an attractive factor for both investors and buyers, contributing to enhancing the project’s allure.
    Apartment spaces start at 110 square meters, and the price per square meter for apartments is approximately 55,000 EGP.

    Payment Systems in Compound Garden City New Capital

    City Edge Developments provides a variety of payment and installment systems for the Garden City New Capital project. The flexibility to choose long-term installment options provides buyers with the convenience of paying for the housing unit in suitable installments, with a low down payment and an extended installment period of up to 7 years.

    Garden City New Capital is a diverse residential project catering to different needs in terms of spaces and designs. The varied options in sizes for apartments and villas allow clients to choose units that suit their needs and family sizes. The diversity in prices and payment facilitations makes it an attractive factor for both investors and buyers, contributing to the project’s overall appeal.

    For the latest information on spaces and prices, it is recommended to contact us to ensure up-to-date details about Garden City New Capital. Experience excellence and modern living at its finest with Garden City.

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    What is the location of Garden City New Capital?
    Garden City has a strategic location in the R5 district of the New Administrative Capital
    What is the developer company of Garden City New Capital?
    City Edge Developments
    What is the number of Garden City New Capital?
    City Edge Developments

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