Lumia Residence New Capital

Lumia Residence New Capital

Starting From 2500000 EGP New Capital

New Capital

10% Down Payment
10 Years Installments Years
Lumia Residence New CapitalLumia Residence New CapitalLumia Residence New Capital
مساحات تبدأ من 111 m²


    Lumia Residence New Capital, Your dream home

    Lumia Residence New Capital is a sophisticated compound by Dubai Developments that introduces a unique living concept that blends safety, luxury, and modern design in one place. This compound provides an unparalleled residential experience in a prime location at the heart of the new administrative capital. This makes it a distinctive choice for those seeking an integrated community and a high-end lifestyle that embodies luxury and elegance.

    Lumia new administrative capital

    The location of Lumia Residence New Capital 

    The developer company meticulously chose the location of Lumia Residence in the New Administrative Capital. It is located in the R7 New Capital District, which is one of the most vibrant districts and is close to numerous essential facilities and services. Accordingly, the compound is near many hospitals, universities in the new capital, vital roads, and various service spots.

    Some of the key destinations near Lumia Residence in the New Capital are:

    • The New Capital International Airport is just a short distance from the Lumia compound
    • The Monorail train station is minutes away from Lumia Residence in the Egypt New Capital
    • Downtown New Capital is located in close proximity to the compound
    • The Swedish University is a short distance from Lumia Residence Compound
    • A medical center is near Lumia Residence in the New Capital of Egypt

    About Dubai Developments

    Dubai Development is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt and the Middle East. It has played a significant role in stimulating the Egyptian economy since its establishment in 1997  by Mr. Abdel Fattah El Mar. Over this period, it has executed 150 projects and created integrated communities, including numerous residential projects in various Egyptian governorates.

    From the previous project of Dupai Developments in Egypt:

    The design of Lumia Residence New Administrative Capital

    Lumia Residence by Dubai stands out with its modern and unique design, aimed at providing a comfortable living experience for residents. The compound boasts a vast area of 36 acres, allowing for spacious facilities, services, and diverse recreational activities catering to the various daily needs of customers.

    The architectural and construction designs have been done according to international standards using top-quality materials and techniques. The residential units of Lumia feature high-quality interiors and finishes that harmonize with the compound’s exterior.

    Lumia Residence’s design emphasizes green surroundings, providing residents with stunning views and picturesque natural landscapes. The building’s design also enjoys open terraces in all units overlooking a 3000-square-meter lagoon, allowing residents to enjoy the fresh air.

    In this way, Lumia Residence New Capital enjoys the perfect balance between contemporary design, a natural environment, and integrated facilities. This makes it a unique and distinctive residential destination in the New Administrative Capital.

    Services and Facilities at Lumia New Capital Compound

    Dubai company has provided a vast array of entertainment services and features in Lumia Residence in the New Administrative Capital to meet the needs of residents. This creates a comfortable and enjoyable residential atmosphere within the project. Here are the available services and features in the Lumia compound:

    • Vast green spaces and artificial lakes allow residents to enjoy the natural atmosphere and views
    • Running and walking lanes, in addition to the cycling track, provide spaces for exercise away from car traffic in Lumia Residence New Capital
    • Dedicated kids play area with suitable games and entertainment activities at a high level to ensure the safety of children
    • A barbecue area equipped with all the necessary equipment for the Lumia New Capital project
    • Wide green areas for yoga and relaxation amidst the stunning natural surroundings in Lumia Residence
    • Lumia Residence in the Administrative Capital features a commercial mall with a variety of shops from top brands, making shopping convenient for residents
    • A hypermarket in the compound makes it easy for residents to meet their daily needs
    • Garages with the latest security technologies to ensure the safety of vehicles inside the compound
    • Cafes and restaurants in Lumia Residence New Capital offer the most delicious cuisines in the New Capital
    • Lumia Residence includes a clubhouse with a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi featuring the latest facilities for relaxation
    • A well-equipped gym with a variety of fitness equipment and trainers to assist residents in achieving their fitness goals
    • Lumia Compound in the New Capital includes a cinema to enjoy movies and entertainment shows
    • Regular maintenance and cleaning services in Lumia Residence by Dupai Developments
    • A 24/7 security team ensures the safety of residents and their property
    • Surveillance cameras to monitor and ensure advanced security in Lumia Residence
    • A pharmacy offers all medications around the clock
    • Lumia Residence New Capital includes a top-notch hotel equipped with the latest services and amenities
    • Internal transportation services for residents to facilitate movement inside the complex
    • Workspaces ensure a suitable environment for work and study activities.
    • Rooftop shared space in addition to smart solutions

    Areas and prices of the for-sale units in Lumia Residence Compound

    Dubai Real Estate Investment Company offers various residential units in the exclusive Lumia Residence project in the New Administrative Capital. These units are competitively priced and come in a variety of sizes, offering customers the ideal choices. These include:

    •  For-sale apartments in Lumina Residence, start at 115 square meters, with prices starting at 2,500,000 EGP
    • Duplex in Lumia Compound with an area of 235 sqm, with prices starting at 5,000,000 EGP.

    Lumia Residence New Capital Compound Payment Plan

    The developer of Lumia Residence New Capital , Dubai Real Estate Company, provides customers with easy and flexible installment plans to facilitate the purchase of units in the Lumia Residence Compound. They are:

    • A 10% down payment and equal installment over 10 years
    • Maintenance fee of 10%.”

    The advantage of investing in Lumia Residence New Capital

    Investing in Lumia Residence Compound in New Capital can be fruitful for several reasons. Here are some of the benefits you can get by investing in this compound:

    • Lumia Residence New Capital compound is nestled in a rapidly growing area, ensuring excellent investment opportunities due to its prime location
    • Lumia’s residential units have a wide range of sizes and prices, allowing you to choose a unit that suits your desires
    • The compound boasts integrated infrastructure and facilities such as restaurants, malls, pharmacies, gyms, and more, making it an ideal place to live
    • Safety services are provided with 24/7 security and maintenance services that ensure residents’ safety and comfort.
    • Innovative architectural design for compound
    • Commercial facilities, including a commercial mall with international brands
    • The use of smart technology in the compound makes it easy for residents to access services

    Book your place in this fantastic investment project from Dubai Development Company and experience the luxury you seek.

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    What is the location of Lumia Residence New Capital?
    Lumia Residence is located in the R7 New Capital District in close proximity to Downtown New Capital
    What is the starting price in Lumia Residence New Capital?
    2,500,000 EGP
    What is the number of Lumia Residence New Capital?
    What is the developer company of Lumia Residence New Capital?
    Dupai Developments
    Dubai Development

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