Rivoli New Capital

Rivoli New Capital

Starting From 1800000 EGP New Capital

New Capital

10% Down Payment
6 Years Installments Years
Rivoli New CapitalRivoli New CapitalRivoli New Capital
مساحات تبدأ من 38 m²


    About Rivoli New Capital, Anchor Developments

    Rivoli Mall New Capital is a new shift in the investment concept in Egypt, and a strong start for Anchor Real Estate Company in the urban development sector. The company provides through this project high-level and promising commercial and administrative units in the new Administrative Capital suitable for all business types.
    Rivoli New Capital

    About Anchor Developments

    Anchor is one of the most important companies under the supervision of Al Sarh Holding companies which is one of the top contracting companies established in 1990 with a great portfolio of more than 100 projects. It owns many projects in various sectors including residential, construction, roads, and axes. Also, Anchor has cooperated with the Saudi Egyptian Company (SED) in various projects with its 30 years real estate experience.
    The most important developments of Al Sarh Holding are the following:
    • Raising the efficiency of Upper Egypt Road
    •  Zahya Al Mansoura, for City Edge
    •  Road projects implemented in New Damietta
    • The work of the Irish crossings in the city of Arish
    • Partner in the establishment of the express train in cooperation with the Urban Communities Authority and the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces

    The location of Rivoli New Capital

    The location of the Rio de Rivoli Mall New Capital is considered one of the most important unique strategic locations in the New Capital. Thus, the mall is located on the central axis of the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed Road, specifically in the Investor’s Area, which is the main spot that connects the most important compounds in the Administrative Capital. Additionally, the mall enjoys a strategic location near important service areas and neighborhoods in the new capital, including:
    • Misr Mosque and the Cathedral
    • The Opera House and the famous Al-Massa Hotel
    • It is located between the Green River and the Seventh Residential district
    • Near various projects such as the Monorail station, Capital Avenue, Obsidier tower, and Sixty-Three Tower

    Moreover, you can easily reach Rivoli Mall, from the regional ring road, Suez Road, and Ain Sokhna road.

    Services and amenities offered in Rivoli New Capital Mall

    The developer company was interested in providing a package of basic services and facilities that meet all the requirements of entrepreneurs and investors in Rivoli Mall, the Administrative Capital, which are as follows:
    • 4 panoramic elevators for easy movement through the Rivoli Mall
    • A garage with a capacity of 429 cars to serve customers and owners
    • Car care service in addition to an electric vehicle charger
    • Rivoli Anchor Mall has a high-speed internet network for all units
    • There are 4 shared meeting rooms equipped on each floor of the Rivoli Anchor Mall
    • 24-hour trained security and guarding service in addition to surveillance cameras throughout the whole mall
    • In Rivoli Mall, the company provides electronic gates secured using the (ID)
    • Cleaning, regular maintenance, and waste recycling systems inside the Rivoli project
    • Green spaces, landscapes, and dancing fountains give the mall a view of nature and provide fresh air
    • The food court area, which includes restaurants and cafes, serves delicious oriental and western food at the highest level.
    • Illuminated display screens in the Rivoli Mall new capital
    • Well-equipped administrative offices using a smart system
    • Backup generators that work automatically when the power goes out in the Rivoli Mall New Capital
    • An entertainment area for children that contains safe games and activities
    • 3Reception service at the highest level in Rivoli Mall, the administrative capital

    The space and design of Rivoli Mall New Administrative Capital

    The most important aspect that Anchor Real Estate Development Company paid attention to during the construction phase is choosing a huge area of 26,000 square meters to launch 3 separate commercial projects, one of which is Rivoli Mall. Hence, Rivoli mall is built on an area of 10,815 square meters including commercial and administrative properties.
    Considering that, all the commercial units in the Rivoli project overlook the main street. Moreover, there are two floors for fully finished administrative units including air conditioning in addition to a roof of 94 sqm.
    The designs of the mall are based on accuracy and high quality to provide customers with a sophisticated unit that simulates high-end standards. The mall is also surrounded by green spaces that make the atmosphere comfortable enough for a progressive work environment.

    Prices and areas of the units in Rivoli Mall Anchor, the Administrative Capital

    The owner company, Anchor Real Estate, was keen to provide a group of business units located with a large variety of spaces at the best prices in order to suit all customer categories Here are the details:
    • Administrative offices in the Rivoli Mall project, starting from 38 square meters, at a price starting from 45,000 EGP per meter
    • There is a pharmacy in Rivoli Mall, its area starts from 90 square meters, and the price starts from 200,000 EGP per square meter, with a total starting price of 18,000,000 EGP.
    The units will be delivered to the customers of Rivoli Mall within 3 years from the date of contracting.

    The payment systems in Rivoli Anchor New Administrative Capital

    Anchor has offered a package of flexible payment systems and unprecedented facilities to facilitate investors to own a unique unit in the heart of the new administrative capital, such as follows:
    • 10% downpayment and the rest in installments over 6 years in equal installments without interest
    • 15% down payment and the rest in installments over 7 years in equal installments without interest
    • 20% downpayment and the rest in installments over 8 years in equal installments without interest
    For anyone looking for a suitable business unit, seize this opportunity to invest in the most unique location in the New Administrative Capital, amidst all the services in the Rivoli Mall, New Capital project.

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    What is the location of Rivoli New Capital?
    Rivoli New Capital is located between the Green River and the Seventh Residential districts
    What is the starting price in Rivoli New Capital?
    1,800,000 EGP
    What is the number of Rivoli New Capital?
    What is the developer company of Rivoli New Capital?
    Anchor Developments
    Anchor Developments

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